Sfumato Art Studio

Sfumato Art Studio is a private art studio based in North London, with a goal to help people of all ages to make their painting career come true. The studio is a great environment to develop drawing and painting skills, and it has all the art materials the students could ever need, the aim is to make students feel comfortable and express themselves to give their best in each and every single painting they learn and create. Patricia teaches a variety of techniques that helps her students to develop their creative skills by using basic techniques within classical paintings, with a result to understand which technique they love and want to use in their future paintings. Throughout the years’ Sfumato also held several art exhibitions in which was displayed their students’ artworks, Sfumato encourages their students to invite their friends and family, especially the outside public, which can help to promote their artworks and give them a chance to be more involved and show them how they can grow within the art industry. Sfumato main goal is to help new artists to start a career in the art sector by helping them with the first steps, which can be the hardest to comprehend. Sfumato gives their students a chance to participate in art exhibitions, promote their artwork to the outside public and give them new opportunities within the art industry.

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